Cope with a Skype Interview

Is it more tricky to be grilled by video?

The job interview is an ordeal that most people face at some stage in our career.

But as video starts to take the place of the face-to-face interview,  is it easier or harder now to land your dream job or to achieve an unexpected scholarship?

So, today, as the scenery  changes ,the trick to making a good impression at interview may be less about what you know and more about how you come across on camera.

Looking in the wrong place is just one of the common pitfalls of video interviews. Of course  It’s tempting to watch your beautiful self in that little box to make sure your hair isn’t in your face or that you’re not making weird facial expressions,but the truth is that it is very distracting to the other party. It’s OK on the other hand to watch the speaker on the screen, but the trick is to respond by looking into the camera to create the illusion of direct eye-contact.

First impressions are still crucial. The skype interview is preferred because the employes  can definitely gain a better first impression of candidates using a combination of video and CV rather than their CV only. They can’t see the handshake or how you walk into the room but still, you have to look calm and keep your cool if the employer chooses not to operate his own camera!

However, sometimes you can’t beat face-to-face contact.

Τherefore,  we should not to rest on the solution of an interview from skype because the big opportunities will continue to require a “normal’ face-to-face interview.

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