Globelics– The theme of this year’s conference

Globelics is essentially a global network that unites scholars of different national, cultural and academic origin, under a singular, fundamental purpose: the enhancement of research on the concept of innovation and competence building, as well as on its magnitude for the achievement of global economic development. The identity and the actions of the network are outlined by one underlying perception on successful innovation : it is based on the combination of knowledge and experience and it requires taking into account the individual local environments.

The prominent landmark of the Globelics network for the achievement of the above objectives is the organization of the annual Globelics Conference. The above, becomes the core and incubator for projects of research groups consisting of over 40 different nationalities. During the 3 days of the conference, multiple sessions (plenary, thematic and parallel) take place, in which, approved and highly evaluated papers are presented. The actualization of the conference comes as a result of the synergy between the Globelics Secretariat and a selected, reputed local research organization, with the contribution of local and international sponsorships.glob

This year, the 15th international Globelics Conference will take place in Athens, Greece, under the auspices of the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics (LIEE), an educational and research unit of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). It will be hosted by the National Centre for Scientific Research “Democritos”. This conference aims to give an answer to the following question: What is the role of innovation and capacity building in today’s world of financialization and uneven economic development? In this context, what are the new roles for the state, the productive sector and the social actors? Among others, the issues to be discussed include, firstly, the search for conditions of sustainable and universal growth in a globalized era in which economies of different speeds and socio-economic inequalities are dominant. Secondly, the necessity of political solutions and initiatives for the mentioned problems, with focus on innovation and capacity building systems that will push the countries out of the crisis.

Concluding, Globelics through this year’s conference aims to highlight and give the proper boost to key concepts regarding the overcoming of the inhibitory factors for the uniform economic prosperity. Through systematic search, interaction and co-operation, the innovative ideas of each participant can flourish and constitute a change on economic perceptions. Become a part of this change!