What is different about Globelics 2017?

We all know somebody who has an idea for a startup, but has no idea how to incorporate it into reality in this economic status of uncertainty; someone who is looking for new and more promising prospects to exist and “grow” in this global crisis… These issues are not usually addressed on a solid basis and unfortunately not commonly discussed by experts and scientists, who are able to show how innovation can be the key to their solution. Therefore, Globelics 2017 is organized this year -for the first time in Europe- in order to change the way, we approach crisis in the modern economical world.

Globelics is a conference which annually gathers scientists from the global community to efficiently discuss about the economy and its weak points, thus helping all participants have a powerful role in it. The conference aims to find ways to widen disparities within countries, regions and social classes with uneven development and prove that innovation can flourish anywhere. Extreme economic growth in some areas, stagnation and depression in others, have brought the whole economic system in crisis. The global society should realize the exact characteristics of this reality and this Conference will demonstrate how through innovation we can create a new one.

Globelics Conference 2017 does not just focus on issues that other conferences have put forward in the past. It goes beyond that; it sheds a new light to more aspects and in a greater scale:

  • Grants the opportunity to benefit by some of the papers, out of the 500 submitted, presented by experts and scientists, who are accomplished- from phD holders to Nobel Price nominees- and well known in their field in a global spectrum.
  • Examines the role of the different types of actors (i.e. State, Continental entities, political and social actors) in shaping innovation and capacity in a context of technological growth, uneven economic development and social imbalance (created by either gender or even national and continental differences)
  • Not only does it seek the importance of Innovation in the modern reality, but it also emphasizes on how systems of policies can be designed and implemented at different levels and in different areas of the world.

For all the above and so much more, Globelics embodies a new way to approach inequality and crisis in the age of globalization. The “Globelics Conference 2017” turns the spotlight on new terms and challenges in afast-changing reality, while challenging the participants to find their own place in it. Will you accept the challenge?