Why not to miss the 15th Globelics

The 15th Globelics Conference is coming back and the organizing committee in collaboration with multiple volunteers is working hard in order to bring together students, professors and researchers from all around the world, who are interested in innovations and the way they affect the global economy. Globelics is an annual international conference, which is held in a different city of the world each time.

However, this year something extraordinary is about to happen, as it is the first time that Globelics is held in a European country and especially in the Greek capital, Athens. The fact that this event happens in Athens makes the conference even more intriguing, because of the financial crisis which Greece suffers from the last seven years. It is true though, that every economic crisis in history has motivated people to utilize their ideas and make them more creative in order ameliorate the economy and survive these difficulties. So, this conference has set as its target to teach us how research and innovation are able to face the financial problems or at least, help people and industries make it through in such a difficult period, despite the fact that the financial sources for research and development (R&D) are extremely limited.

This time, the 15th Globelics is organized by the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy (LIEE) and the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in collaboration with a lot of enthusiastic volunteers. All these people aspire to create an enjoyable and truly unique experience for every participant. During the conference, everyone will have the opportunity to attend a lot of interesting speeches and presentations of research papers and posters, which main target is to explain why investing in innovation could offer a lot of solutions and aid the industries in being more profitable and/or productive. Moreover, this Globelics Conference is designed to offer parallel speeches and sessions, that every one of them has a specific topic and targets to answer every possible question around this.

Considering all these facts, if you are a student or an academic who is interested in how innovative ideas and start-up businesses play an important role on resolving the problems that the economic crisis poses or why research can help to forecast a strategy to face the challenges of our time, then you cannot miss the 15th Globelics in Greece!