Job Fair Athens 2015 – Side Event

Στο πλαίσιο του Job Fair Athens 2015, διοργανώνεται σεμινάριο με τίτλο “Βιογραφικό & Συνέντευξη για προφίλ Μηχανικού’’ την Πέμπτη 23 Απριλίου και ώρα 12:00-14:00 στην “Αίθουσα Εκδηλώσεων του κτηρίου Διοίκησης’’ στην Πολυτεχνειούπολη Ζωγράφου. Continue reading

Boost your resume

Nowadays, your resume is the most important document you have to get yourself an interview.

Poorly chosen words and clichéd phrases can destroy the interest of the reader while specific words when chosen correctly can have the opposite effect of motivating and inspiring the reader.

So you better choose wisely the words you are going to use !

Top 100 Power Resume Words

  1. Advanced
  2. Assigned
  3. Assessed
  4. Absorbed
  5. Accelerated
  6. Attained
  7. Attracted
  8. Announced
  9. Appraised
  10. Budgeted
  11. Bolstered
  12. Balanced
  13. Boosted
  14. Bargained
  15. Benefited
  16. Beneficial
  17. Comply
  18. Critiqued
  19. Closed
  20. Collaborated
  21. Designed
  22. Delegated
  23. Demonstrated
  24. Developed
  25. Detected
  26. Efficient
  27. Enhanced
  28. Excelled
  29. Exceeded
  30. Enriched
  31. Fulfilled
  32. Financed
  33. Forecasted
  34. Formulated
  35. Generated
  36. Guided
  37. Granted
  38. Helped
  39. Hosted
  40. Implemented
  41. Investigated
  42. Increased
  43. Initiated
  44. Influenced
  45. Integrated
  46. Innovated
  47. Instituted
  48. Justified
  49. Listed
  50. Logged
  51. Maintained
  52. Mentored
  53. Measured
  54. Multiplied
  55. Negotiated
  56. Observed
  57. Operated
  58. Obtained
  59. Promoted
  60. Presented
  61. Programmed
  62. Provided
  63. Projected
  64. Qualified
  65. Quantified
  66. Quoted
  67. Recommended
  68. Refine
  69. Revamp
  70. Reacted
  71. Retained
  72. Recovered
  73. Reinstated
  74. Rejected
  75. Sustained
  76. Skilled
  77. Saved
  78. Scheduled
  79. Supported
  80. Secured
  81. Simplified
  82. Screened
  83. Segmented
  84. Streamlined
  85. Strengthened
  86. Triumphed
  87. Troubleshot
  88. Taught
  89. Tutored
  90. Translated
  91. Trained
  92. Uncovered
  93. United
  94. Unified
  95. Updated
  96. Upgraded
  97. Validated
  98. Viewed
  99. Worldwide
  100. Witnessed


6 Things To Do Before Graduating

1. Get Involved

One of the best ways you can set yourself apart from all of the other new graduates is to be involved in extra-curricular activities. It can be something as simple as a recreational sports league, or something more complex and time consuming like student government. If you are really ambitious, try to get involved in a diverse range of activities and clubs. This will show your range and depth to any recruiter you come across.

2. Network

At this point, your network will likely consist of family, friends, professors, and potentially some summer job contacts. However, it is never too early to start networking. Colleges and Universities are great places to meet all sorts of people. Most important of all, you will graduate and become part of an extensive alumni network which you should take advantage of at every opportunity. Never stop networking. It’s the best way to advance your career.

3. Visit Your Career Center

The staff at your Career Center will be a great source of information in your job search. They will have contacts with companies that conduct on-campus recruiting and may even hold “meet-and-greets” with recruiters. In addition, they will likely run workshops and provide written materials for helping you on your way.

4. Work/Volunteer

When you graduate, you will be applying for jobs and competing against hundreds of other new graduates with the same level of experience as you. If you want to be able to compete on a level above just school and marks, try to build your resume. Summer jobs, part-time jobs and volunteer work are a great way to gain experience before graduation. Not only that, but it shows a recruiter that you are both motivated and can handle the increased pressures of both work and academic life.

5. Clean Up Your Online Image

In this digital age, anything that you post online (or is posted about you) can potentially be seen by recruiters. While you are still in school, search through Google and your social networking sites to ensure any potentially embarrassing pictures or information are not found by an HR manager.

6. Have Fun

Don’t forget, you are only in college for a few years. A “Work Hard, Play Hard” philosophy is the best way to ensure you don’t regret anything in the future.

Cope with a Skype Interview

Is it more tricky to be grilled by video?

The job interview is an ordeal that most people face at some stage in our career.

But as video starts to take the place of the face-to-face interview,  is it easier or harder now to land your dream job or to achieve an unexpected scholarship?

So, today, as the scenery  changes ,the trick to making a good impression at interview may be less about what you know and more about how you come across on camera.

Looking in the wrong place is just one of the common pitfalls of video interviews. Of course  It’s tempting to watch your beautiful self in that little box to make sure your hair isn’t in your face or that you’re not making weird facial expressions,but the truth is that it is very distracting to the other party. It’s OK on the other hand to watch the speaker on the screen, but the trick is to respond by looking into the camera to create the illusion of direct eye-contact.

First impressions are still crucial. The skype interview is preferred because the employes  can definitely gain a better first impression of candidates using a combination of video and CV rather than their CV only. They can’t see the handshake or how you walk into the room but still, you have to look calm and keep your cool if the employer chooses not to operate his own camera!

However, sometimes you can’t beat face-to-face contact.

Τherefore,  we should not to rest on the solution of an interview from skype because the big opportunities will continue to require a “normal’ face-to-face interview.

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8 Things NOT To Do To Make A Good Impression At Work

Don’t underestimate the importance of a first impression.You want to start off on the right foot so your colleagues will like and respect you.

So, what shouldn’t you do at work?

1. Don’t emulate your worst-dressed colleague.

2. Don’t give off a “Don’t talk to me” vibe.

3. Don’t be a slob.

4. Don’t be a bully.

5. Don’t overshare.

6. Don’t talk about how busy or tired you are.

7. Do not spend your day on personal calls, texting or posting to social media.

8. Don’t be the first one to leave.

work hard

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